The Mission

Organised Crime Theatre Company (OCTC) is a constantly evolving collaborative theatre company formed of graduates, current students and educational professionals.

The OCTC ethos is ‘teaching through learning’: we aim to bridge the gap between school, university/drama training, and the professional working industry through the collective experience of theatre making.

–          For current students, the aim is to help recognise which area of theatre making they wish to pursue in their career; give them professional experience within that area, and help them make the best personal choices about where to further study/work to achieve success.

–          For university/drama training students and graduates, the aim to give them the experience of developing a professional production from start to end – as well as put the intricate theory learnt at university into practice.

–          For the education professionals, the aim is to extending their knowledge and skills in professional theatre through engagement with wider theatre networks.

The experience of learning never stops:  and the aim of OCTC is to continue the professional development of every participant, whether it is their first or hundredth production, facilitating the learning at every stage.  We aim to become a resource for current and future students of all ages, at all stages: whether their interests are in stage management or directing, fundraising to marketing – we aim to have a collaborative, community theatre company whose skills are transferable to a new cohort with every project.